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Catch Basins & Channel Drains

What They Are

Catch basins and channel drains are in-ground drain installations designed to capture stormwater around your home.

When used in conjunction with a comprehensive drainage system, they help collect stormwater and channel it to a suitable location.

Both catch basins and channel drains can be built to integrate into most all locations and applications.

  • Removes standing water from your landscape, driveway, patio, or walkway
  • Provides for the collection of small to large amounts of surface water
  • Helps reduce ground saturation caused by standing water
  • Custom catch basins eliminate the undesirable “holding” of water that’s common among prefabricated drain boxes.
  • Custom catch basins can allow for any level of surface traffic.
  • Provides drainage relief for entire areas around your home and yard

Downspout Drain Lines

What They Are

Your roof and gutters displace a large amount of rainwater to the bottom of your downspouts.

Your downspouts deliver this drainage directly up against your home’s foundation.

This roof, gutter, and downspout drainage is a major contributor to foundation issues, including water entry into your home, basement or crawlspace.

Downspout drain lines collect and remove this roof drainage well away from your home’s foundation.

When designed and installed properly; downspout drains lines require zero maintenance, and have a life expectancy of around 100 years.

How they help

  • Collect & transports water away from your foundation
  • Keep basements and crawlspaces dry
  • PVC drain lines move three times as much water as corrugated pipes, and last 20x as long
  • Reduce or eliminate water accumulation in problem areas
  • Delivers a lifetime of maintenance-free performance when designed & installed property

PVC Drain Lines

What they are

Durable. Reliable. Long-lasting. Maintenance-free. SDR 35 thick-wall PVC piping is the best material for drainage system piping. Compared to the black, corrugated drain lines you’re probably used to, our thick-wall PVC doesn’t bend, sag, leak water, or get crushed. When properly installed, PVC drain lines will deliver decades of performance.

Key to an effective drainage system

We install PVC drain lines as part of a comprehensive drainage system designed to suit your property – and correct your drainage problems. Whether connected to downspouts, catch basins, or French drains, thick wall PVC piping moves three times as much water as typical corrugated drain lines of the same size, and last 20x as long, all with minimal to no maintenance.

Whenever your homes foundation, waterproofness, or structure depends on your drainage system, there should be no other consideration than proper SDR35 thick wall PVC for your drainage system.

French Drains

What they are

Our custom-built French drains consist of perforated PVC pipe, woven geotextile filter fabric, and real drainage rock. As groundwater saturates the area during wet weather, it also enters the perforated PVC pipe. The pipe transports that water to a suitable location, reducing ground saturation and lowering the localized water table.

French drains are useful for:

  • Lowering the local water table in problem areas
  • Reducing ground saturation
  • Absorbing water that might otherwise accumulate around your property
  • Assisting with drainage provided by catch basins and other drainage products
  • Improving soil drainage in yards and gardens
  • Keeping dry creek beds dry, even after heavy precipitation

Backfill Restoration

What’s backfill?

After constructing a home, builders push soil, or “backfill,” into the void around the basement or crawlspace. Over time, this backfill settles, creating a negative grade against the foundation.

Downspout water and other surface water saturates these areas and might even pool around the structure during wet weather. In many cases, you can’t see this water until it enters your basement or crawlspace.

The problem is the negative grade against the structure, which was caused by settlement of the backfill. The negative grade leads to an increase in hydrostatic pressure against your foundation – and water damage inside your home.

How backfill restoration helps

  • Reduces or completely eliminates hydrostatic pressure around your foundation, a condition that can cause water to enter your home
  • Helps prevent wet basements and crawlspaces
  • Encourages stormwater to flow away from your home’s foundation

Grading & Swales

Proper grading is effective and maintenance-free

When you want a permanent drainage solution with no equipment to maintain, correcting the grade is the answer. Sometimes, the physical profile of your property channels water to places it doesn’t belong. Re-grading specific areas is often the best way to correct the problem.

How Grading and Swales Help:

  • Channel water away from your home and yard without any mechanical equipment
  • Permanent, maintenance-free drainage correction
  • Eliminate problem water around your property
  • Reduce ground saturation in yards and gardens
  • Help protect your foundation from unwanted water intrusion
    • Function without mechanical parts that are prone to failure


When drainage corrections require significant changes to your yard – and we can’t remove and replace the same grass – we can lay new sod as part of the overall improvement.

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