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Land Restructuring

Modify your landscape. Keep your home dry.

Drainage problems often arise from the physical profile of your property. Sometimes, the land channels stormwater toward your home or holds it against the foundation. Land can also hold stormwater in your yard or other areas where it doesn’t belong.

When these conditions exist – and when you want a permanent, long-term solution – restructuring the land may be the best option.

Yard Drainage Solutions

  1. Identify areas that require modification
    A comprehensive analysis of your home and surrounding landscape shows us whether – and how – the land transports water to problem areas. Sometimes, a large area requires restructuring. Other situations call for minor changes.
  2. Restructure the land to redirect stormwater
    We apply one or more land restructuring techniques as part of an overall custom drainage solution. From backfill restoration to grading, swales, and hardscape products, our team applies corrections designed to improve or eliminate your drainage problem.

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